Knitted Dishcloth – Free Pattern

Knitted dishcloth out of rico design creative bubble yarn made a new yarn for crocheting and knitting dishclothes. I liked the idea and wanted to make a knitted version. Here it is:


  • Knitting needle, 2.0mm (US 0)
  • Creative Bubble yarn in 2 different colors
  • crochet hook
  • scissors
  • darning needle
    Knitted dishcloth out of rico design creative bubble yarn


    Cast on 32 stitches with one color.

    You will knit in rows. In every odd row you will knit together the first two stitches and knit two out of the last stitch (knit into the front and into the back of the stitch).

    Color 1: Knit in stockinet stitch for 6 rows: Knit odd rows, purl even rows.

    Color 2: Change to the second color for 4 rows: Purl odd rows, knit even rows.

    After that, you´ll change the color again and knit Color 1 and 2 until you used both colors 5 times. Cast off the stitches with the crocheting hook: Use the hook as you normally use your right hand needle and pull the second knitted loop directly through the first knitted stitch. No need to slip the stitches over.

    Sew together

    Cut the yarn. Use a darning needle for sewing together the CO- and BO-edge of the dishcloth. Now you have something like a tube.

    Pull the side out, you like more. Use the yarn to sew around the opening of one side and pull it together. Do the same with the other opening and sew both former openings together in the middle.

    Sew in the other threads and cut the yarn.

    Have fun with your new dishcloth! If you like to show your results on facebook, instagram or twitter please use the hashtag #cficandothat. You can finde this pattern on ravelry.


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